Publishing event
The Kennedys

On the 6th of June we will be hosting our end of year dinner and social. We have come a long way over the past year, learning new skills, meeting incredible and driven young people, and of course have learnt so much from our research projects. We want to finish off the year with a bang, having dinner and drinks at the Kennedys to celebrate the official publishing of the research projects our members worked hard on throughout the year, and also to mark the end of an academic year working together. We hope to see all our members and many more join us again next year!

For further information please contact our society's secretary Mai-Mai Morley at [email protected]

Nations without States: Scotland and Catalonia
Derwent College, D/N/056

A talk by Professor Sir John Elliott: 'Nations without States: Scotland and Catalonia'.

In light of the recent separatist movement in Catalonia, as well as the growing calls for a second referendum on Scottish independence due to Brexit, the question of how States should respond to peripheral nationalism has become a pressing issue. In the talk we take a look at the historical and contemporary contexts of the two regions to understand their situation today. We hope that learning the perspective of both sides will inspire a constructive conversation.

Professor Sir John H. Elliott is a British historian specialised in Spain, Europe, and the Americas in the early modern period - being widely considered as a leading figure in Iberian history with a multitude of books published. After a long and successful academic career, he is now Fellow of the British Academy, Regius Professor Emeritus at the University of Oxford, and Honorary Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford and Trinity College, Cambridge. He has also won a variety of awards for his research including the Creu of Sant Jordi, the Prince of Asturias Prize, and the Balzan Prize.

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