What we do

As a think-tank, we mainly produce policy papers on topics proposed by our members. We aim to give students an opportunity to experience policy-writing as a different way of engaging with politics.

Through a variety of workshops hosted the first and second terms, we seek to provide students with the skills required to produce good policy ideas. This will include how to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research as well as how to present the finding of research in a professional format. We additionally host speakers from a vast array of fields - aiming to show how ideas and research-based planning can lead to real-life change.

Our mission

The world of politics and policy-making is one with high barriers to entry - it is difficult to know where to even start. We aim to be that starting point, giving students an opportunity to experience the field as well as to provide them with the tools necessary to start a career after University. Writing policy also allows one to contribute as well as engage with ideas to solve current problems.

Our vision

To provide an opportunity to understand and engage with debates that are shaping current issues. We believe in pragmatic but honest research, closely following the University’s guidelines on research integrity. We believe that in a world increasingly shaped by partisan politics, to increase the accessibility of policy-making is to encourage an approach to politics that is primarily shaped by facts.

Meet our team

Pablo Garfias Torrent
Mai Mai Morley
Lars Wilmar
Director of Communications
Amelia Mcloughlin
Jacob Keay
Press and Publicity Officer
Viktoriia Udaltsova
Espresso Officer
George Shaw
Events Officer
Samson Chung Ho
Socrates Officer
Isaac Ward
Welfare Officer and Editor
Daria Gavriushchenko
Hendrik Hinrichs
Aasim Shiek